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myMediConnect PHR Service Launches Enhanced Wellness Tracker, but Where’s the Social?

Posted on : 06-12-2010 | By : Akiva Zablocki | In : Medical Records, PHR, Social Media

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myMediConnect, one of the four personal health record (PHR) systems chosen by the Obama administration for the Medicare PHR Choice pilot program has launched a new Enhanced Wellness Tracker an Online Dietician and Personal Trainer. We have mentioned in the past our view of PHR’s and the simple use of DropBox as a ad-hoc PHR, but the service offered by myMediConnect is a lot more comprehensive and sophisticated. According to the Business Wire press release, the new tracker will enable “users to easily create and track custom fitness and diet plans, as well as take advantage of a large library of meal plans created by professional dieticians.”

While I do appreciate the use of YouTube for a “fun company video about how difficult it can be to get medical records” it would be nice to see other use of social networking in myMediConnect.

Dietary trackers of these sorts are not new, and have been popping up in different PHR services over the last few years. Livestrong.com has had a popular wellness, diet, and exercise tracker service since 2008 that can also sync to your Google Health PHR account. While the idea of a meal plan offered by myMediConnect is great and will no doubt help Medicare PHR Choice users meet their dietary goals, there is a stunning lack of social networking capabilities in this service. Amy Rees Anderson, CEO of MediConnect Global states: “The wellness tracker gives consumers the ability to take even more control of their own healthcare by empowering them with the tools to take a more proactive approach to their wellness in a completely secure and private setting.” More control is great, and has been correlated to enhanced health outcomes, as originally shown in the 1967 Whitehall Study in London. Still, the ability to share meal plans, link to your social networks, and even “compete” with friends on dietary goals and exercises are fast becoming a standard.

This new enhancement for myMediConnect PHR service is a welcomed addition to an already comprehensive, yet simple to use, PHR system. I hope that with the next enhancement to myMediConnect we will see more social interactions, allowing us to share and view meal and exercise plans, while still keeping the strict privacy controls on our personal health records.